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Fresh and Medjool Dates

Why eat dates ?

Health Benefits | Are dates Healthy & Gluten Free?

Dates are an excellent source of:   

  • Iron, the mineral that prevents anemia and which is a part of the hemoglobin molecule in the blood 
  • Magnesium, which is has an important role in the nervous system integrity and in energy production.  
  • Potassium, useful for preventing muscle cramps and muscle recovery
  • Calcium phosphorus, essential for healthy bones  
  • Vitamin A, for healthy skin and eyesight 
  • Vitamin B3 (niacin) protecting from pellagra, a diseases which is manifested as dermatitis.
  • Niacin also reduces triglycerides and cholesterol levels (LDL) in the blood, thus protects the heart and circulatory system 
  • Folic acid, essential for protection against atherosclerosis and heart problems, and for protein metabolism.   


The Mineral Wealth of Dates fruit

  • Dates fruit have 2-1/2 times more potassium than bananas. As per the World Health Organization, potassium plays a significant role in lessening blood diseases. 
  • Selenium in dates fruit is important in immune function and helps to prevent cancer.  
  • Dates are 100 % natural and gluten free foods which improves cholesterol level and promotes digestive health 

A Mediterranean Diet Staple

  • As one of the oldest known fruits from the desert, dates have always been part of a healthy, Mediterranean diet. In addition to helping people lose weight. 
  • The Mediterranean diet seems to help people lower their cholesterol, reduce their risk for Alzheimer’s, diabetes and various types of cancer, and improve rheumatoid arthritis.
  • This diet is centered on foods indigenous to the Mediterranean region – like olive oil and fish, along with whole grains and plant foods, including, of course, the date. 

Kids Love ’em!

  • Dates contain supplements vital for development and growth, including potassium for controlling circulatory strain and keeping maintaining the growth of muscle and bone. This basic mineral is essential to assemble muscles, direct your pulse, control liquid adjusts and separate sugars.  
  • Dates nutrition B6 found in dates is a basic supplement for protein digestion with the goal that your body can construct muscle and develop hair and nails.`  

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